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  • The strong demand of polylactic acid has promoted the rapid development of lactic acid market
  • Asia will have the world's largest polylactic acid production capacity, Flexpo reported
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  • Polylactic acid: 3D+ a new environmental point of interest
  • PLA synthesis method
  • Seven years of embarrassment, the plastic limit impasse needs to be broken
  • New green packaging material polylactic acid
  • PLA film bag can degrade and stretch resistant college students' achievements to be transformed
  • Development status of degradable PLA plastic bottles
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It is the responsibility and obligation of each of us to make every effort to optimize each project and build the environmental protection industry leader in China to protect the environment.
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Protect the earth, the home we are living !

Xinxing have requirements for environmental protection. They start from the source of the raw materials of environmental protectio, let the parity raw materials and universalness,  produce more affordable and environmental, safe, non-toxic paper products. What they have done is to turn waste into treasure, cut down trees and reduce the burden of the earth.

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With strong economic strength, the company abides by the principle of good faith. In the long-term business activities, it wins the trust of many customers with a good business reputation, and gains a good reputation in the industry.