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About us

Protect the earth, the home we are living !

Xinxing have requirements for environmental protection. They start from the source of the raw materials of environmental protectio, let the parity raw materials and universalness,  produce more affordable and environmental, safe, non-toxic paper products. What they have done is to turn waste into treasure, cut down trees and reduce the burden of the earth.


Xinxing is founded in 2015, which is a science,technical and eco-friendly enterprise located in Shanghai, China. The research and development, application and manufacture of PLA materials are widely used in food industry, packaging industry and agricultural application. They successfully develop high quality 100% biodegradable materials and products. Their products do not use any additive, 100% PLA for the paper of "xin xing ®" paper.

PLA coated paperboard is mainly used in food packaging and other packaging materials, like paper cups, boxes, bags, etc. Due to the products are completely made from plant ingredients, which can be 100% biodegradable and change to organic fertilizer in 88 days with an experimental environment. Now Xinxing has BPI and DIN certifications. Our core product is PLA coated sugarcane paper. It can reduce the consumption of wood, and use agricultural waste as the main material.To some extent, it reduces the consumption of natural resources. Because of the character of environmental emissions, PLA products will be instead of traditional plastic products, and become the first chice of packaging materials in the future.

Xinxing employ Taiwan technical team,to have researches of the development of PLA technology. Now they have 29 patents, belongs to the polymer and the environmental protection industry. The company advocates technology, environmental protection, green as orientation, continuous development and innovation of continuous environmental protection technology upgrade, and improve industrial service integration.


Craftsman Spirit = Quality culture.

100% Xinxing PLA coated paperboard =100% biodegradable material.


Environmental protection needs cost, health needs investment!

Xinxing = the perfect combination of environmental protection and cost!

Change the traditional packaging materials to be world wide new environmental protection materials.