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The environmental commitment to air criticism is only the first step
Source: | Author:馨星环保科技 | Published time: 2018-05-24 | 1679 Views | Share:
Eleven listed companies have been criticised by the ministry of environmental protection for failing to rectify the situation due to serious environmental problems. News just came out that some companies and related places on the list are not buried in rectification, but are doing their best to solve public relations problems and complain.

The reasons for public relations and complaints sound grandiose: as a listed company, the environmental protection level is higher than that of ordinary enterprises. The corporate image of listed companies has a direct impact on stock price volatility and investor confidence. Is it inappropriate to let them be seen in public during a stock market downturn? Some local authorities of listed companies have also acted as "lobbyists", using "historical problems" as an excuse to advocate for enterprises.

Excuses cannot cover up the truth. Is considered to be industry leaders and some enterprises to enter the capital market, the environmental protection behavior is so unbearable, to violate the eia method built before batch, sewage and the excess emissions of pollutants, even the pollutant discharge fee in arrears for a long time, "a desired environmental violations are find in them. Many of the companies that have been notified have had "star shares", so to speak, this announcement has shown the ugly side of them.

In recent years, the frequent environmental accidents, from tuojiang pollution to songhua river pollution, from chrome slag disaster to lead dust ravages, are behind some listed companies. As a public company, listed companies should shoulder greater social responsibilities. However, some listed companies not only ignore these social responsibilities, but also flagrantly violate environmental laws and regulations.

The environmental problems of 11 listed companies are, of course, the result of a lack of awareness of law enforcement and social responsibility. However, the long-term existence of improper environmental behaviors of enterprises has raised many questions in people's life: why can we get on the bus without the approval of the first construction? Why can't the overdue sewage charges be recovered?

Needless to say, most listed companies are important pillars of local finance. Moving such a "cash cow" damages not only local money bags but also official hats. Therefore, although some enterprises' environmental violations have long existed, some local governments have turned a blind eye to them, and some even connived to them, which has become the "amulet" of these enterprises. From this point of view, the accumulation of enterprise environmental problems is difficult to return, and the responsibility lies in the misleading of local governments' wrong development concepts.