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It is still difficult to ban white pollution after seven years of implementation
Source: | Author:馨星环保科技 | Published time: 2018-05-24 | 1558 Views | Share:
Plastic products has almost into every corner of our lives, especially all kinds of plastic bags, use a wider range, although plastic bags provides a great convenience to our lives, but some slim, can't degradable plastic is exist great pollution to the environment. Therefore, in 2008, the state issued a plastic limit order to restrict and reduce the use of plastic bags and curb white pollution. Now, seven years later, what is the current use of plastic bags? Look at the reporter's investigation.
Early in the morning, the reporter comes to xi 'an a breakfast stalls of a small market, as long as there is customer sat down, stands the boss will give one set of the plastic bowl sheng on soya-bean milk, hu hot soup, tofu, etc.
Breakfast vendor: it's all plastic bags.
Reporter: can't the bowl be cleaned?
Early stall owner: this all have no water, I wash here everyday. It's not convenient without water.
Reporter: you won't wash after eating?
Breakfast vendor: let's rinse it out. There's water.
Reporter: and then a plastic bag?
Breakfast vendor: well, take the cloth.
Stall owner :(bowl) dirty wash, not dirty do not wash.
The reporter found that nearly every breakfast stand nearby had plastic bags on the bowl, but the hot soup that had just been scooped out of the pot was so hot that the plastic bags on the bowl would not be burnt out.
Reporter: it's so hot. Is it all right?
Breakfast vendor: it's not going to burn. All day long.
Vendor: it's ok, this thing isn't that what, this all cover a bag, who don't cover a bag?
Because there is no water or too much busyness, these early vendors say it is convenient and quick to put plastic bags on bowls. More importantly, customers will feel more hygienic when they see plastic bags.
Reporter: why do you want a bag?
Booth owner: next to the money is not clean, you do not want to take a bowl for you.
Vendor: no plastic bags.
Reporter: what else?
Vendor: well, when you say there are a lot of people, who should you follow?
More than 60 percent of the people interviewed by journalists believe that wrapping plastic bags around breakfast will make them feel more at ease.
Ms. Yang, xi 'an citizen: yes, because I don't know if the bowl is clean. Does the bag look clean?
Ms. Xu, xi 'an citizen: it's better to put it on than not to put it on. Because outside is fast food, do they use it repeatedly? If the bowl is washed, it will not be clean and hygienic.
Reporters later visited several breakfast stands and noticed that almost all of them were using the clear plastic bags without any logo. According to China's relevant standards: the plastic bags used for food packaging should be marked with QS logo, or food special plastic bags.
Nutrition society in xian zhang Hua deputy director of the center for food safety: like ordinary plastic bags, not special food, for packaging contain alcohol, some of the food or grease, the inside of the plasticizer, especially in food, as DEHP could be we will get to eat. Like some plasticizers, there are some potential carcinogens, or the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The metabolism of liver function in early childhood is not as healthy as that in adults, so it may have some potential impact on his growth and development.
Itinerant stallholders become weak areas of regulation to guide consumption or to reduce illegal use
The reporter understands from xi 'an administration for industry and commerce, "plastic limit order" since, large shopping malls supermarkets, trade market, from the governance effect of use of plastic bags have relative specification. But in the catering industry, current vendors and for the convenience of the market, the use of plastic bags don't compliance is also very common, fluidity big, source cannot be controlled for these places made the weak region of regulation.
About 40 percent of the people interviewed were reluctant to use the plastic bags, but they were frustrated by the situation.
Mr. Huang, xi 'an citizen: I don't think it's safe to accept it.
Ms. Lei, xi 'an citizen: I don't want to wear plastic bags, either.
Reporter: did you tell him you didn't want to do this?
Ms. Lei, a resident of xi 'an, said, "I didn't wash my hands and I didn't do it. You said there was no way to do it outside.
Some vendors also admitted that besides the low cost of plastic bags, the most important thing is that they and the public are very convenient to use.
Stall owner: is the person for the sake of convenience, the guest can not take a basin, take a bowl. It's convenient to go to work. Is it convenient to take a bag? You can't take it empty-handed. It's full of oil.
The reporter understands, plastic bags regulation involves multiple departments, quality control department is responsible for the production areas, the ministry of commerce and industry regulatory circulation field, food, the agency can also to monitor food companies to use plastic bags, small food stalls and flow vendors is the responsibility of the urban management department. As for the origin of the production of plastic bags, many enterprises can get the production license due to the low technological requirements for the production of plastic products.
Xian city pledges inspect bureau supervision department staff: (we are) xi 'an all businesses, all the products all the sampling, has carried on the inspection, the percent of pass is 98% a few, this in a product's qualified rate is relatively high.
Officials from xi 'an's quality supervision bureau said most of the plastic bags at the food stalls were purchased from mobile vendors, and there were still difficulties in this part of supervision.

Xi 'an bureau of industry and market norms and contract management office before FanFen: mobile vendors he pushed a bicycle, liquidity is too strong, regulatory mode has changed, now mainly spot check, another is based on the consumer, the people to report, to inspect, particularly strong liquidity, because the right from the industrial and commercial bureau and without control, you push a bicycle come over he went to sell him, if the report found, we went to also can not check, this is the most critical.
FanFen said before, the governance of plastic belt of white pollution is not only need multiple law enforcement supervision in place, need more citizens to transformation of the concept, action, gradually increase refused to use environmental protection consciousness is not compliance with plastic. At present, we can only guide the market and cultivate the use habits of stallholders and consumers.
Xi 'an bureau of industry and market norms and contract administration FanFen front: we mainly mobilization of trade market open unified supply these sellers of plastic bags, this will prevent the existence of ultra-thin plastic bags, although this may not reduce from the amount, but prevent the existence of unqualified plastic bags.