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Britain and Israel have developed new catalysts for PLA biodegradable plastics
Source: | Author:environment-100 | Published time: 2018-05-11 | 1503 Views | Share:
British and Israeli researchers at the university of Bath university and TelAviv announced on November 22, 2010, is developing the production of PLA biodegradable plastics with a tough new catalyst, the new catalyst can be improved from plants of polylactic acid (PLA) plastic performance, to make it more strong and more heat resistant, can be more widely used, such as, microwave as automotive engineering plastic tray and hot drink cup.
PLA is a biodegradable plastic type that can be made from renewable plant sources such as grains, wheat or sugar. It is now used to make bottles, bags and film, and even fabrics that can be spun out of cloth instead of polyester.
The PLA can be made into two types of building modules, which can reflect each other. Using current technology, when the plastic is made of the two types it is now, it will be clumsily bound together in the structure of the plastic. New task is to develop selective catalyst, the catalyst will be according to the structure in order to build a "left" and "right" to construct polymer of module, which can control the physical properties of plastics.
The project is one of the UK and Israel ten cooperative research project, the project is designed to eliminate the global challenges in energy and environmental, get a UK - Israel BIRAX funding research and academic exchange alliance.