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PLA film bag can degrade and stretch resistant college students' achievements to be transformed
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PLA film bags are degradable and tensile resistant
How much rice can be packed in a 25 cm wide polylactic acid film bag? The answer is, if the bag is long enough, it can hold 25 kilograms. The 2009 China international industrial exposition, which opens today, has attracted a number of college students from independent enterprises to participate in the exhibition. The products brought by these enterprises not only have the leading technology level in the world, but also a large part of the products have been transformed and the market is promising.

The polylactic acid thin bag mentioned above comes from boyue green materials co., LTD. Speaking of their products, these "student bosses" from east China university of technology are full of confidence: "our technology is definitely the first in the world!" According to introducing, the company produced the polylactic acid membrane bag, the biggest characteristic is "thin and strong" : the thickness of the film bag only poly (lactic acid) (PLA) and common plastic wrap, but its bearing capacity is very strong. In addition, compared with ordinary plastic bags, polylactic acid film bags are degradable and greatly reduce pollution. More importantly, the maximum thickness of the product is controlled, resulting in a significant reduction in production costs.

When it comes to the future of the product market, students from east China university of technology are also full of confidence: "supermarkets and hypermarkets are undoubtedly a huge market. It is also attractive to ordinary people because of its low cost and degradability. In addition, the application of polylactic acid film in agriculture is also very large.

Tang xiaofeng, from fudan university, is about to step out of the university in six months. He and three other students founded yijin nano-technology co., LTD., which specializes in producing nano-silver solutions. This solution can effectively block bacteria and various microorganisms and has wide application. Speaking of his "entrepreneurial history", tang xiaofeng said a lot: "I am a graduate of science and technology, and I know almost nothing about the management and operation of the company. Six months of hard work, many detours, also suffered a lot. Although the company is still in the accumulation stage, we always feel that it is worth it. We are also confident about the future of our company.