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A refreshing new waste disposal technology
Source: | Author:environment-100 | Published time: 2018-01-11 | 1294 Views | Share:
In Shanxi Province the first international environmental protection technology and equipment exhibition galleries, in addition to those for large factories and mines for environmental monitoring, wastewater treatment, dust absorption, coal-bed methane and gas, waste heat utilization to improve production equipment to let a person to stay outside to understand, some are linked to the life of ordinary people's environmental protection technology and equipment also attracted the attention of many people, such as canned gas can get homogeneous combustion, safety equipment and technology of burning favored by a lot of hotel, restaurant; Disposable, environmentally friendly cutlery made from wheat and corn flour has drawn the interest of many people who regularly eat boxed meals, and some food manufacturers are consulting staff at the stand. However, a shanxi exhibitor's processing technology of "fast, harmless, non-residual, recycling and industrialization of resources" is very bright.

City life garbage is perhaps the most troubling, because every day is a large amount of produce, and contains all kinds of things in the garbage, it is hard to classification, a lot of things for a long time can't degradation, GuaGuoPi and leftovers rotten stench, burned, will produce harmful gases, causing new pollution; Landfill is not the solution to the underlying problem, and a steady stream of municipal solid waste will occupy a lot of land.

"Living garbage rapidness, harmless, no residual, resources recycling, industrialization" processing technology system mainly include: urban life garbage uniform feeding, heavy junk automatic sorting system; Automatic bag breaking system for bag rubbish and organic matter breaking system; Fully enclosed and mechanized sorting system for municipal solid waste; Hydrolyzed water heat oxidation fertilizer system of organic compounds; Inorganic materials building materials system; Plastic pelletizing system; Non-recyclable fuel burning and waste heat utilization power generation system; System of renewable utilization of recyclables; Wastewater treatment system; Sewage treatment system. This technology integrates ten processing systems, which can treat all the urban household garbage generated in different places on the same day, and produce products on the same day, realizing the human dream of "garbage to gold".