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New environment-friendly material for household: microcrystalline glass
Source: | Author:environment-100 | Published time: 2018-01-11 | 1361 Views | Share:
Microcrystalline glass decorative plate also known as microcrystalline stone, microcrystalline jade, is the world in the field of architectural decoration in the emerging high-end decorative materials. It is made from inorganic minerals by high temperature melting, forming and heat treatment. Its raw materials are screened by human workers and free from radioactive contamination. Its inner structure and physical and chemical properties are designed by artificial intelligence, which is superior to stone in imitation of stone. It reduces the human beings' logging of natural stone and effectively protects the natural environment. Therefore, microcrystalline glass is a kind of green and environment-friendly material favored by people.

In Japan in the 1970 s glass-ceramic decorative comes out, immediately caused the attaches great importance to all over the world, many countries spend a lot of manpower material resources to develop this product with huge potential market.

However, its technical difficulties have not been well solved. The main problems are high porosity, severe warping, low material yield and high cost, which result in high product price, which makes it impossible for many people to reach.