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The technology of setting stone was invented in China
Source: | Author:environment-100 | Published time: 2018-04-04 | 1379 Views | Share:
Chinese scientists have invented a new kind of building cementitious material, "coagulable stone", which imitates geogenetic rocks. This metallurgical slag, fly ash, coal gangue and other industrial waste after grinding fine again "cohesion" and "stone", compared with the ordinary cement, the strength, density, corrosion resistance and production into this and clean production and so on many aspects of performance is very outstanding. "Coagulation" technology is a research result of the national high-tech research and development plan (i.e. 863 program). Invented by sun henghu, a professor at tsinghua university, this high and new technology with completely independent intellectual property rights has been granted a number of national patents. The technology passed the project appraisal presided over by the ministry of education on December 12, and will be submitted to the competent department of the national 863 program for acceptance in the next step.

Geological studies show that natural volcanic ash and other materials can be transformed into long-term stable aluminosilicic acid rocks by sedimentation and metamorphism under normal temperature and atmospheric pressure. And "setting stone" technology is the theory of rock the earth, and in a variety of industrial waste, such as metallurgical slag, fly ash, coal gangue, red mud, and other industrial solid waste, etc.) as the main raw material, with a small amount of diagenetic agent, in under normal conditions or output performance of the new building materials, silicon aluminum type cement products.

Experts believe that "coagulant" has many advantages over ordinary cement, such as "cold operation" in the production process, saving energy and not emitting carbon dioxide. The production process greatly reduces the smoke and dust, does not destroy the natural resources, does not pollute the environment; The strength, density, corrosion resistance and freeze-thaw resistance of the concrete are excellent. Taking all kinds of waste residue as raw material, "the amount of slag eaten" can reach more than 90%, which is the most effective way to deal with waste residue. Low production cost, simple process, etc.