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An alternative to plastic bags - bio-packaging bags
Source: | Author:environment-100 | Published time: 2018-04-04 | 1447 Views | Share:

6.1 days later China will restrict the use of plastic bags, in the use of plastic bags could be set preferences is very strong today, there is no suitable substitute, to go directly to change the habits of people to use plastic bags is hard to imagine. What should we use instead of plastic bags? Let's take a look at some of the best ideas abroad. Recently, British prime minister Gordon brown said the UK would ban plastic bags completely. He also mentioned an important condition: the use of reusable and more environmentally friendly alternatives. As a result, the UK has launched a "no plastic bag" campaign to switch to starch and cotton bags. The alternatives are cheap: starch bags are sold for just 5p each, paper bags for 10p each and a cotton bag for 1.5p each. After these substitutes were introduced, they gradually became popular with consumers, and the supermarket's operating income was not affected by the suspension of plastic bags. Research institutions in many countries are also actively developing alternatives to plastic bags. In the United States, is now manufacturing and promotion Mirel plastics, it is made of engineered e. coli, the e. coli can eat grain of sugar, turning it into polyester particles, and then these particles can be moulded ball, finally produce the plastic. Mirel plastics and made of plastics as strong as oil raw materials, as well as practical, but Mirel plastics in the soil, wetlands, oceans and other environmental degradation, thus greatly reduces the environmental cost and risk. But up to now, China is still close to a blank in the development and production of plastic bag substitutes.

In order to prevent the spread of white pollution and protect the ecology, the city of kassel in Germany has launched the first biodegradable packaging bag. On the shelf, the packaging of biscuits, bread and vegetables is the same as that of ordinary packaging, but its packaging bags and boxes are made of corn or potato starch, which are welcomed by customers.